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Paul's family

The photo session with Silvia, Paul and their children was proof for me that the Universe always rewards those who do not lose hope. I say this because on the way to them I almost gave up and more than once.

First there was the rush hour traffic, which I only managed to escape with great luck. Then the few drops of rain since leaving for the park turned into a downpour that showed no signs of giving way to the sun that day.

I came to an end and I said to myself that I owe them, however, let's meet face to face, get to know each other and choose another day together.

When I saw how beautiful the children were, I wanted to cry because we had to cancel - I had so many frames and ideas in my mind. But, while we were negotiating a new opportunity to see each other, we realize that it's not raining so hard fact, it's stopping, and..."Look, the sun is coming out!" We ran to the car for equipment and props and got to work.

What came out, I hope it will delight you too. Dani was full of energy and there was an instant connection between us, so between shots with him, I picked myself up with a few hugs from the era to tear me down.

Noemi was in the stage of the first steps, so the device did not embarrass her in any way, but gave me that expression of concentration, typical of the baby, which seems to solve who knows what mystery of the Universe.

In the end, Silvia and Paul were relaxed, affectionate with each other in the most natural way and I especially thank them for giving the children the freedom to jump in puddles and explore through the leaves for the sake of memories wet It was a photo shoot that left me with some photos that I'm proud of, but also an experience that taught me that as long as you have brave and optimistic people around, that even the rain doesn't turn them away, it's never too late to save the day.

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